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Top 20 WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

Top 40 WordPress Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced are below are below :
1. What is WordPress?
WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it's probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

2. Different between vs (fully hosted)
Focus on your beautiful content, and let us handle the rest. (self-hosted)
Get your hands dirty, and host your website yourself.

refer official URL: for more details.

3. Use of WordPress?
WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system.
WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015

4. feature of WordPress?
Here are some of the features that we think that you&…

Important expectations of teachers from students!

Teachers always want and expect some things out of their students while the students feel all stuck. Twenty19 brings you a list some of the most common expectations of teachers from every student. If you want to be your teacher’s pet, start doing all the things listed below! “Be in discipline!” Every teacher wants the class to be under her control. Obedience is the key to be disciplined enough. The teacher wants all their students to have a controlled and systematic behavior. “I want pin-drop silence in the class!” We are sure you’ve heard this statement a lot. If you haven’t then probably you are the same person trying not to maintain the silence. Good luck with that though.  “I want all my students to come first!” This statement is used by the teacher who actually puts the efforts to bring you to a level where you score the highest. She is the same person who has been boosting you before the exam and the same person who you will find boasting about you after you score well in your …

The Top 5 skills you need for your dream job!

      In a world of competition, to survive and succeed, you need skills. Some of these skills are inborn while others must be nurtured. While different jobs require different skill sets, there are some skills which top the chart and apply to all. #1 Leadership This may sound like some skill you need for a managerial position but companies now-a-days are looking for youngsters with leaderships traits and the ability to lead. They are looking for a talent pool that is never shy to put its hand up and take the first step forward. This is a trait which is inborn and can, with some hard work, be acquired. #2 Team Player Companies and hiring managers look for people who can get along well with others. They know that being a team player is an invaluable asset anyone can possess. Companies cannot afford to have talent without co-ordination or co-operation. Being someone who can put aside differences and get along well with people, can hugely boost your chances of sealing that dream job. #3 C…

Facebook’s Messenger Platform Preserves WhatsApp’s Clarity Of Purpose

We demystified it last month, but Facebook’s $18 billion acquisition of WhatsApp should begin to make more sense to people today after the company announced that its Messenger service will become a platform for third parties — as TechCrunch first reported last week. The Messenger Platform will allow developers to deeplink their apps into Messenger, and it will also become a communications channel for businesses and customers. These moves aren’t a huge surprise — they’ve been pioneered by Line and WeChat in Asia for years, and Facebook’s head of Messenger, David Marcus, gave plenty of hints in an interview with Wired last year. But, while the tech industry chews on the immediate implications, the path for WhatsApp is clearer than ever. If Facebook is a platform (which it now is), then WhatsApp will continue to be a communications utility. WhatsApp’s simplicity is the yin to the yang of Messenger’s busy platform. “No ads, no games, and no gimmicks” has long been the ethos for WhatsApp’s…

Facebook Finds Strength As A Family, Not An App

F8 started with a family photo. But not of the Zuckerbergs. Of Facebook’s products. “Facebook used to be this one blue app on your phone, and now Facebook is a family of apps” said its CEO as he showed off the user counts of the different family members. Facebook Groups with 700 million. WhatsApp with 700 million. Messenger with 600 million. Instagram with 300 million. And the patriarch, Facebook, with 1.4 billion. Rather than just being a social network, Facebook sees strength as an interconnected clan of experiences — developed in-house, acquired, and tapped in from outside. The subtext of Zuck’s “family” quote is that one app can’t do everything. On mobile, people want lean, purpose-driven experiences. Cramming everything into a one-size-fits-all can make it slow and bloated. But when you’re talking about trying to connect every human on earth, a singularly focused app alone can’t possibly meet the diverse needs of a diverse population. Zuckerberg explained “We’re building this fa…

Do-it-yourself healthcare is closer than you think

Share This Article763206 AUSTIN–Healthcare-related innovation was everywhere at South by Southwest Interactive this year. There were sessions on healthcare IT, big data, wearables, and innovative startups that are using technology to upend the status quo. For example, Tim O’Reilly gave a talk about adapting the same experience-focused approach used by companies such as Apple, Google, and Uber to reimagine health care delivery. And if there is any industry ripe for disruption, it is healthcare. According to federal government statistics, healthcare expenditures in the U.S now exceed $3 trillion and represent 17% of the nation’s GDP. Yet despite consisting of such a huge slice of the economy, and incorporating large amounts of new technology for diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the past 30 years, the industry has failed at delivering cost-effective care. Compare that with the computing industry, where the million-dollar supercomputer of 20 years ago now fits in your pocket and co…

Google discovers new security holes in SSL — is the entire system fundamentally flawed?

Share This Article Google has discovered that an intermediate certificate authority had issued unauthorized certificates for multiple Google domains. The problem arose because the intermediate authority, MCS Holdings, had issued certificates for the Google domains, despite not holding those domains itself. The reason it’s critical that companies not mint certificates for websites they don’t operate themselves is because doing so breaks the function of SSL itself. Here’s how the system is supposed to operate: Your PC contacts a Google server, which returns a certificate. Your computer uses that certificate to encrypt a data session. The server confirms that the key is good and establishes the secure session with your PC. When certificates are signed by third parties, it allows the false server to execute a classic man-in-the-middle attack. In a man-in-the-middle attack, an intervening certificate authority can pretend to be the genuine issuing authority, particularly if the intermediat…

Google's latest object recognition tech can spot everything in your living room

Automatic object recognition in images is currently tricky. Even if a computer has the help of smart algorithms and human assistants, it may not catch everything in a given scene. Google might change that soon, though; it just detailed a new detection systemthat can easily spot lots of objects in a scene, even if they're partly obscured. The key is aneural network that can rapidly refine the criteria it's looking for without requiring a lot of extra computing power. The result is a far deeper scanning system that can both identify more objects and make better guesses -- it can spot tons of items in a living room, including (according to Google's odd example) a flying cat. The technology is still young, but the internet giant sees its recognition breakthrough helping everything fromimage searches through to self-driving cars. Don't be surprised if it gets much easier to look for things online using only vaguest of terms.

How to Choose BitLocker Drive Encryption Method and Cipher Strength in Windows 10?

BitLocker is an encryption method that enables users to lock the different drives in Windows. The drives which are protected by BitLocker are accessed by passwords. Windows has provided opportunity for users to choose and configure the cipher strength and algorithm used by BitLocker Drive Encryption. This can be achieved via the Local Group Policy editor. The Local Policy Editor will let you configure and select the cipher method for BitLocker encryption. By default it is not configured but you can choose your choiceable encryption method by enabling the Policy Setting. If the drive is already encrypted or if encryption is in progress, the encyption method will have no effect. If you leave the policy unconfigured, then BitLocker will use the default encryption method of AES 128-bit with Diffuser or the encryption method specified by the setup script. Steps to Choose BitLocker Drive Encryption Method and Cipher Strength in Windows 101. Press Windows_R to open Run Window. Type gpedit.m…

Intel announces the first 14 nanometre processor

At the Computex conference in Taipei, chipmaker Intel has revealed a fanless mobile PC reference design using the first of its next-generation 14nm "Broadwell" processors.

The 2 in 1 pictured here is a 12.5" screen that is just 7.2 mm thick with keyboard detached and weighs 670 grams. The Surface Pro 3 – for comparison – is 9.1 mm thick and weighs 800 grams. It includes a media dock that provides additional cooling for a burst of performance. The next-generation chip is purpose-built for 2 in 1s and will hit the market later in 2014. Called the Intel Core M, it will be the most energy-efficient Intel Core processor in the company's history with power usage cut by up to 45 percent, resulting in 60 percent less heat. The majority of designs based on this new chip are expected to be fanless, with up to 32 hours of battery life, offering both a lightning-fast tablet and razor-thin laptop. Intel is also delivering innovation and performance for the most demanding PC user…