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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Save You Lot Of Time

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In the latest Windows 10, Microsoft rolls out lot of amazing updates including Cortana, there are lot of keyboard shortcuts that will save you lot of time while operating your Windows 10, instead of stressing yourself navigating with mouse, you can make use of these windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Cortana Shortcuts

Windows + C: Opens Cortana’s speech prompt
Windows + Q: Opens Cortana’s Home View, enables search by speech or keyboard input.

Windows Standards

Windows Key: Shows the Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows Key + Tab: Launches Windows 10 Task View
Windows Key + L: Locks your Windows 10 device
Windows Key + Enter: Opens Narrator, a program that reads text for you and shows you tips.

Traditional Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key + 1, 2, 3 and so on: Open programs that are pinned to task bar
Windows Key + Space: Switch keyboard input language (if you have added at least a second one)
Windows Key + Shift + Left or Right: Move current Window from one monitor to another (when using a multiple monitor setup)
Windows Key + R: Run a command
Windows Key + P: Project a screen
Alt + Tab: Switch to previous window
Windows Key + T = Cycle through screenshots of open apps
Alt + F4: Close current window

Desktop Commands

Windows Key + Left, Right, Up or Down: This moves the active window around on your screen.
Windows Key + X: Opens Start button context menu
Windows Key + D: Show Windows desktop (also available with Windows Key + M)
Windows Key + ,: Temporarily show desktop

Sharing & Connecting

Windows Key + E: Open Windows Explorer
Windows Key + H: Share content (if supported by the current app)
Windows Key + K: Connect to wireless displays and audio devices

New in Windows 10

Windows Key + A: Opens Windows 10 notifications
Windows Key + Ctrl + D: Creates new virtual desktop
Windows Key + I: Opens Windows 10 settings
Windows Key + Print Screen Key: Takes screenshot of the whole screen in the Photos app.
Windows Key + Ctrl + F4: Closes current virtual desktop
Windows Key + Ctrl + Left or Right: Switches between virtual desktops
Windows Key + F1: Opens Edge and Searches “How do I get help in Windows 10″ with Bing (formerly opens Help)

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries

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Windows 10: The Best Windows Ever
As we begin to roll out Windows 10 to the world, we want to empower our customers to do great things. We will deliver this in four key ways:
1) First and foremost, we made Windows 10 fast and familiar:
  • With the familiar Start menu, Taskbar, and Desktop you’re already an expert and Live Tiles provide streaming updates of what matters most to you, instantly.
8 - Start
  • Windows 10 is designed to be compatible with the hardware, software and peripherals you already own.
  • Free updates help keep you current on features and security updates.
  • With OneDrive online storage, you can easily share and keep your files up to date across all your devices, simply.
2) In a world of cyber threats, Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever:
  • Offering enhanced Windows Defender and Smart Screen to help safeguard against viruses, malware and phishing.
  • Windows Hello** greets you by name, providing a fast, secured, password-free way to log in.
16 - Windows Hello
3) Aligned with our more personal computing vision, Windows 10 is more personal and more productive:
  • Voice, Pen and Gesture input allow you to more naturally interact with your PC.
  • Windows 10 is designed to run Office and Skype perfectly to increase your productivity. New Office Mobile apps on Windows 10 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – are available today in the Windows Store. Built for on-the-go scenarios, the Office Mobile apps offer a consistent, touch-first experience for small tablets. Full featured OneNote comes installed with Windows 10 for your digital note-taking needs. The upcoming release of Office desktop apps (Office 2016) will offer the richest feature set for professional content creation, designed for the precision of a keyboard and mouse.
  • Cortana*** is your personal digital assistant making it easy to find the right information at the right time.
15 - Cortana
  • You can easily switch between apps and stay organized with Snap and Task View.
  • Continuum optimizes your apps and experience beautifully across touch and desktop modes.
4) Finally, only Windows 10 can offer innovative experiences and new devices:
  • New Microsoft Edge browser allows you to quickly browse, read, and even mark up and share the web.
14 - Microsoft Edge
  • The integrated Xbox App delivers the Xbox experience to Windows 10, bringing together your friends, games, and accomplishments across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices.
  • The Companion Phone app lets you set up your iPhone, Android or Windows phone to work seamlessly with your Windows device.
  • Windows powers the most innovative devices today and tomorrow – from phones to tablets to PCs to HoloLens.
  • Built-in apps including Photos, Maps, Microsoft’s new music app Groove, and Movies & TV, offer entertainment and productivity options.

Windows 10: Best for Business

Feedback from millions of IT Pros has helped shape our best enterprise version of Windows ever. Ready for corporate deployments, Windows 10 will help your company protect against modern cyber-attacks, deliver experiences your employees will love and enable continuous innovation with a platform that keeps your company up to date with the latest technology. Your business can control the frequency of your updates and select the features and functionality that is right for each group of your employees.
Windows 10 includes built-in enterprise grade security, so employees can replace passwords with more secure options, help protect corporate data and corporate identities, and only run the software you trust. New management and deployment tools simplify device management and help lower costs, and enable you to power your business with the enterprise strength of the Azure cloud.
We encourage small businesses to take advantage of the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 from genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets. And, we encourage all enterprise customers to begin testing and planning your deployment now. More information for business customers is available here.

Top Apps Available on Windows 10

The new Windows Store opens today and is now accepting new apps for Windows 10. The Windows Store offers one-stop shopping for popular free and paid apps, games, movies, TV shows and the latest music, which work across all Windows 10 devices. The new Windows Store is the only Store where you can use Cortana to control apps with your voice and get real-time notifications on your app tiles. All Windows Store content is certified by Microsoft to help keep your devices safer. In addition to existing Windows 8.1 apps such as Netflix, Flipboard,, Asphalt 8: Airborne and The Weather Channel, the Windows Store provides a constant stream of new and updated Universal Windows Apps and games, including Twitter, “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta”, Hulu, iHeartRadio, USA Today, Candy Crush Saga, and others including WeChat and QQ, which will launch soon. Check out our new Windows Store today.
9 - Windows Store
Windows 10 provides a platform for great experiences and we’re excited to work with partners around the world on all new app experiences. The Windows 10 SDK is available to developers beginning later today, and we look forward to seeing what developers create for Windows 10. More information on the latest on developer tools for Windows 10 is available here.

Upgrading to Windows 10

We are excited to begin delivering Windows 10 to the world today. We’re really pleased with the strong response to Windows 10 since we kicked off upgrade reservations in early June, with millions of reservations. As we shared in early July, we want to make sure all of our customers have a great upgrade experience, so we’ll roll-out Windows 10 in phases to help manage the demand.
Upgrading to Windows 10 is easy if you have a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC or tablet. Starting today, a new notification on your taskbar will alert you when your upgrade is ready to be installed. For business customers, Windows 10 is available to start deploying within your work environments and starting August 1, organizations who have volume licensing can upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education. Windows 10 IoT is also available today.
Devices from our valued partners Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer with Windows 10 pre-loaded are available for purchase today from retailers globally. Many more devices will follow in the coming weeks from a broad range of partners including new devices designed specifically for Windows 10 features like Windows Hello. Our OEM partners have over 2,000 distinct devices or configurations already in testing for Windows 10 upgrades, as well as hundreds of new hardware designs. By this holiday, we will be selling the widest range of Windows hardware ever available.
We’re grateful to our retail partners, who are ready to help people upgrade to Windows 10, including Best Buy, Bic Camera, Croma, Currys/PC World, Darty, Elkjøp, Fnac, Jarrir, Incredible Connection, Media Markt, Microsoft Stores, Staples, Yamada, Yodobashi and many more leading retailers from around the world. Upgrading to Windows 10 will be easy with the largest tech bench program ever, over 100,000 trained retailers, and tens of thousands of stores around the world.
Thank you to our Windows Insiders for helping us build Windows 10. If you’re a Windows Insider and running build 10240 – you already have the Windows 10 we are making available today. All you need to do is check Windows Update and make sure you have all the final updates. If you didn’t upgrade to the latest build as a Windows Insider, you can upgrade here. The Windows Insider Program will continue, and we will have more details to share soon about the next wave of the program.

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Force Your Computer to Upgrade to Windows 10 [How to]

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This day has finally come! After nine months of testing, numerous preview builds, millions of Insiders, and a lot of announcements, Microsoft finally released Windows 10 today. But since millions of people are waiting to get a free upgrade, Microsoft decided to rollout the system in phases, so not everyone will get Windows 10 on the same day. But if you don’t want to wait a day more, we’ll show you how to force your computer to  upgrade to Windows 10.
windows 10 downloading wind8appsBut before we show you how to force your computer to get a free Windows 10 upgrade on day one, you have to make sure you meet all requirements for that. First and foremost, your computer needs to run a genuine copy of either Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1. And, you must have all the previous updates installed from Windows Update. Also make sure that you have reserved your free copy of Windows 10 through Get Windows 10 button on your taskbar.
If you meet these requirements, you’re good to go. So, to force your computer to receive a free upgrade to Windows 10, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Windows Update and make sure you are set to install updates automatically
  2. Navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder and delete everything from it (don’t worry, it won’t damage your system)
  3. Now right click on the Start button and open Command Prompt (Admin)
  4. Enter the following command and press Enter:
    • wuauclt.exe /updatenow
  5. Wait a couple of minutes and check for updates in Windows Update. You should see Windows 10 being downloaded on your PC.
  6. After the download is finished, it will start ‘Preparing for installation…,” wait until this is finished and you can install Windows 10 normally.
Impatient users around the world have tried this method, and they reported that it worked for them, so we hope  it will work for you, as well.
If you already upgraded your system to Windows 10, you can tell us your impressions about the newest Microsoft’s operating system in the comments.

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9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 -- yet

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windows 7 default desktopTOASTY TECH

Android users can now say ‘Ok Google’ to send messages via WhatsApp, WeChat, NextPlus, Telegram, and Viber

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Above: Google
Image Credit: Shutterstock
In April, Google launched custom voice actions on Android, allowing users to control select third-party apps simply by starting with the “Ok Google” command. Today, that functionality has expanded to messaging apps, including WhatsApp, WeChat, NextPlus, Telegram, and Viber.
If you already use “Ok Google” and your voice to send emails, Hangouts, or text messages, this should be a natural progression. You can split the task into two, or just do it all in one go.
If you say, “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Joe,” you’ll get a prompt asking you to dictate your message. Alternatively, you can just say: “Ok Google, send a Viber message to Josh: let’s do dinner tomorrow night.”
Here is an example using WhatsApp:
To be able to take advantage of this new feature, you do need to update boththe Google app for Android, as well as your individual messaging apps. If either is outdated, you’ll just get an error or a bunch of search results.
This functionality is only available in English, but the good news is it’s not limited to the U.S. as is often the case with new Google features. Furthermore, the company says it will be working to add more apps and languages “in the future.”
In January, Google updated its main Android app with a big enhancement to Google Now: Serving cards from third-party apps right when they have timely information to provide. The new functionality was supported by an initial 40 apps, and in April, Google added 70 more partners to the mix.
Today’s integration is thus part of a broader push from Google on mobile that isn’t limited to just voice commands. The company is opening up its Google app to third-party services so they can provide users with more features while also offering an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

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The Eight Most Impactful Excel Shortcuts That You Should Master

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If you’ve ever gone online to research improving your Excel skills, you’ve undoubtedly come across a post or two listing all of Excel’s keyboard shortcuts.  In the latest version of Excel, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to learn shortcuts, by assigning shortcuts to nearly every function and making the discovery of the input sequence very transparent.
While memorizing Excel shortcuts will generally improve your productivity, not all shortcuts are created equal.  Shortcuts that you never use are not inherently not very useful and not worth memorizing.  Your focus should be on the shortcuts that have the most impact – either by the amount of time it saves you, the frequency that you’ll use them, or the behavior it encourages.
If you’ve already started using Excel or just haven’t utilized shortcuts heavily before, review the top eight shortcuts below.  For any that you don’t know already, I would suggest memorizing them and incorporating them into your Excel working style – I guarantee that doing so will provide an immediate boost to your productivity.

Sorting Tables

ALT → A → S → A    (Sort Ascending)
ALT → A → S → D    (Sort Descending)
Sort Shortcut
Knowing how to sort tables quickly is an extremely useful shortcut because of how often you’ll use it.  Sorting is generally the first task you’ll perform to orient yourself with data and easily see if there are duplicates within the field you just sorted.  Additionally, any time before you finalize a table to be presented to others, you’ll likely want it to have some type of sorting logic applied to at least one field.


ALT → A → T
AutoFilter Shortcut
The AutoFilter shortcut is a powerful shortcut because, like sorting, you’ll use it frequently whenever you need to conduct data analysis.  With AutoFilter on, you can quickly limit your view of the data based on a set of filtering criteria.  Knowing this shortcut is also useful when you inherit a workbook and need to quickly remove AutoFilter, as leaving it on can easily cause errors.  Just type in the same shortcut sequence to remove the AutoFilter labels.

Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

ALT → I → R    (Insert Row)
ALT → I → C    (Insert Column)
ALT → H → D → R    (Delete Row)
ALT → H → D → C    (Delete Column)
Columns Rows Shortcut
As with any spreadsheet tool, Excel’s interface is intended to be extremely flexible, allowing you to place data, charts, tables, and even objects any way you like on the spreadsheet itself.  Because of this flexibility, one thing you’ll be doing often is inserting and deleting rows.  There have been countless times when I’d built a spreadsheet, realized that I needed either more or less space within the sheet, and manually performed the action by right clicking the mouse.  Had I been using these shortcuts all along, I would have saved myself a ton of time.

Inserting a PivotTable

ALT  D  P  F
PivotTable Shortcut
PivotTable is another great analysis tool that is sometimes underutilized either because people don’t know about the feature or they get confused by the steps required to insert a PivotTable.  Using this shortcut allows you to insert a PivotTable the quickest way possible.  By having this shortcut in hand, you’ll undoubtedly start using PivotTables more frequently and eventually become more proficient with the tool itself.  To prevent errors, just make sure that you are selecting a proper table (all headers filled with heading values, no random breaks of rows or columns) before you start the shortcut sequence.

Formatting Numbers

ALT → H → N → A → ENTER    (Accounting format)
ALT → H → K    (Comma separated format)
CTRL + SHIFT + 4    (Currency format)
CTRL + SHIFT + 5    (Percentage format)
CTRL + SHIFT + 1    (Two Decimal Place format)
Number Formatting Shortcut
If making your Excel files visually appealing is even slightly important to you, then changing theformat of number in Excel is something you’ll do constantly.  Using shortcuts is a way to make this process much more efficient.  There are a couple of other number formatting shortcuts available in Excel, but I’ve listed the ones you’ll likely use most frequently.
Note in the examples shown above that the first three formats add a small indent to the right side of the cell while the last two do not.  This is one difference between the comma separated and two decimal place format.

Inserting Comments

ALT → R → C
Comments Shortcut
I’ve stated before that not including documentation is one of the biggest mistakes people makeboth when creating and reviewing Excel files.  Always put yourself in the shoes of the person you may be handing off your file to and think about what information would be important to that person.  The comments shortcut allows you to add valuable context to your file without interfering with any of the data elements.  By knowing the shortcut combination, you’ll start to add comments more frequently and the workbooks you build will become more transparent.

Workbook Navigation

CTRL + PAGEDOWN    (Select next tab)
CTRL + PAGEUP    (Select previous tab)
Tab Navigation Shortcut
During my consulting career, there have been countless times when I’ve been I’ve been tasked with reviewing a client’s Excel workbook to prepare for a meeting.  Because of the nature of my work, these workbooks would often have a ton of tabs.  It was important for me to be able to get through the workbook quickly, and doing so with shortcut keys was always faster than using the mouse.

Cell Selection

CTRL + DIRECTIONAL KEYS    (Move to end of filled in values)
CTRL + SHIFT + 8    (Select entire table based on current cell selection)
SHIFT + SPACE    (Select entire row)
CTRL + SPACE    (Select entire column)
Cell Selection Shortcut
Similar to moving between tabs, cell selection, or moving around within the tab itself, is also a very important skill to have.  Being able to navigate and select cells quickly will improve both your efficiency at Excel and your confidence in using the tool.  Additionally, if you’re ever put in a situation where your colleagues are watching you use Excel, it’s a great idea to have these shortcuts handy if you need to impress them.
Coming up with just eight Excel shortcuts is difficult because there are so many good ones out there that were left off of this list (like ALT → E → S → V → ENTER).  What are your favorite, most impactful, Excel shortcuts?  Let me know in the comments section.

Researchers find vulnerability that affects 95% of Android devices

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Lollipop Forest Google Android
Image Credit: Google
Update: This article has been updated with a comment from Google. 
Researchers have found a vulnerability in Android devices that allows hackers to access a device remotely without the owner ever knowing it was compromised. The flaw affects roughly 95 percent of Android devices running operating system version 2.2 to 5.1, according to cybersecurity firm Zimperium.
At fault is a media library (used to process media files) called Stagefright.Zimperium says it found multiple vulnerabilities in the framework. The company plans to present its research at the Black Hat 2015 security conference and at the hacking conference Def Con in August.
Using a person’s telephone number, hackers can send a media file via MMS that gives them entry into a device. What’s more, the owner of the device may never know. Hackers could conceivably send the trojan file while the device’s owner is sleeping, get access to their phone, and then delete any evidence the phone was hacked. Once the exploit is completed, a hacker can remotely operate a phone’s microphone, steal files, read emails, and get personal credentials.
“These vulnerabilities are extremely dangerous because they do not require that the victim take any action to be exploited. Unlike spear-phishing, where the victim needs to open a PDF file or a link sent by the attacker, this vulnerability can be triggered while you sleep. Before you wake up, the attacker will remove any signs of the device being compromised and you will continue your day as usual – with a trojaned phone,” says Zimperium chief technology officer Zuk Avraham.
Though Google has applied patches to Android Open Source Project, Zimperium says device owners should be proactive in updating their phones. Android owners can reach out to their telecom providers and device manufacturers to ensure their phones get the update.
Those with Silent Circle’s Blackphone running PrivatOS version 1.1.7 are already protected against the Stagefright vulnerability.
In a statement shared with VentureBeat, Google thanked the lead researcher who found the Stagefright vulnerability, Joshua Drake, and noted that most Android devices have technology in place to deter exploitation. You can read the full comment below.

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile App Development

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   With mobile apps developed for mobile operating systems from Apple, Android, and others, you can create brand awareness and loyalty amongsta huge number of existing and potential customers. In fact, many customers now expect a business or brand to have its own dedicated mobile app. This means that it is not only becoming a necessity to gain a competitive edge over other businesses, it is becoming a necessity to avoid falling behind your competition. Having a dedicated mobile app adds to the credibility of the brand.
Keeping in mind the importance that mobile applications hold in today’s society, it is only wise to create one for your business. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in mobile application development.

Mobile App Development

1. The World has Gone Mobile
There is no denying that the world has gone mobile and there is no turning back. Consumers are using their smartphones to find local businesses. Your online branding efforts are being viewed via mobile channels. Thus, just having a website is not enough anymore. Users are turning away from the desktop browsers and relying on mobile applications. Unlike traditional websites which overwhelm your 6 inch mobile screen, apps thrive as an intuitive purchasing and browsing alternative.
2. Mobile Apps Offer On-The-Go Marketing
With mobile applications your existing customers can access your business anywhere and at any time in a user friendly environment. Regular use of your app will reinforce your brand or business. This means that when they need to purchase something, chances are they will come to you. You have created a relationship with them using the app and this is tantamount to placing your business in your customers’ pockets.
3. It Can Be a Social Platform
It almost goes without mentioning that people are obsessed with social media. So you will want to be a part of their obsessions well. Integrating social features such as comments, likes, in-app messaging and so forth in your app can help your business improve its social standing. People spend a lot of time on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. So by having a mobile application that gives them all the features they get in social media means that they’ll spend more time in your app. This way, users are able to review, share or discuss products. Remember we are by nature social beings and mobile app development is the future of social interaction. A great example of this is that has essentially built its own community within its reviews area.
4. Better Service and Sales
Thankfully mobile app development has made sales easier than ever before. It is changing the way people buy and sell products and services. It has also changed the way customers view and analyze a product before purchasing. This means that consumers have more options than ever to make informed buying decisions. With that said, it is important that you provide your client with a dedicated app, focused on providing customers with the information they are looking for. Don’t forget that better service is one of the best practices to drive more sales. Mobile apps are perfect for service and support.
5. Real-Time Rich Data Capture
A mobile application saves you from the slow process of collecting data and analyzing it. Focus groups can be expensive and time consuming. Mobile apps make it easy to capture information about customer preferences and actions on your app. This information can be used to deliver personalized content that is relevant to the individual consumer as well as for making decisions on how to improve your app based on how customers are actually using it. Make sure you give your users the option to opt-in to a data program and explain to them that it will be used to improve their customer experience. Once they have given you their trust, don’t disappoint them.
6. Apps Boost Interest
When you develop an application, it provides you an easy way to display your products or services to your existing and prospective customers. Each time they want to purchase something, they can simply use it as one-stop point to get all the information they need. And whenever you update the content, you can notify them and they can get the first glimpse of the new products or services you have on offer. This invites and tempts customers to check out your app on a regular basis.
7. Increase Customer Engagement
Engagement is exactly what you can create with your application. It ensures that your business is right in the palm of your customer’s hand. Consumers can interact with your business while in the car, in the dentist waiting room and in line at the bank. Furthermore, you can use their location and profile information to personalize your offers in order to make them more relevant and attractive.
8. Access it even in the Middle of the Night
A mobile app can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Consumers can interact with your business while on the go. For example, they can not only place additional orders but can access all account information, track recent sales and account activity. Business can also respond immediately to customer requests. This level of service takes your business to the next level in your customers’ minds.
9. A Larger, Younger Audience
Most young people went mobile a long time ago. Almost 75% of the millennial generation will have smartphones by the end of the year. It is hard to engage the younger generation using outdated techniques. Young people choose to rely on their mobile devices, even though they may have access to a traditional PC. Smartphones have become the new tool for chatting with friends, browsing and purchasing products and services online. To reach this audience, you need to have a mobile app.
10. Mobile Apps Are Very Convenient For Customers
Mobile applications are easier to use than websites. Apps are usually designed with primary focus on usability. In fact, apps were for the most part designed to offer the next level of usability. The benefits are even greater when businesses decide to develop a custom mobile app that allow more flexibility and can address specific customer needs. Once installed, that application will help your customers reach your support team, your services and the payment section. The professionalism you show will increase trust and recognition by your targeted audience through your app.
With the mobile industry thriving like it is at the moment, it is worthwhile for every business to invest in mobile app development. If your business is not mobile and not thinking about investing in mobile app development, then you are already behind your competitors. Even if your competitors are not mobile, they soon will be.

Windows 10 Is Killing Nvidia Graphics Cards

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If your computer has an Nvidia graphics card in it, then you should perhaps not upgrade to Windows 10 for some time. A number of users are reporting issues with their computers after installing a new update released by Microsoft.
Windows Update is reportedly pushing out a newer display driver (version 353.54) for Nvidia graphics cards. As Forbes reports, this update is not yet available on Nvidia's website, which is perhaps why its software management tool called Nvidia GeForce Experience is downgrading to the previous version - which is where the bottleneck lies.
A concerning number of disgruntled people are sharing their ordeal on GeForce forum. They note that the new update is causing glitches such as SLI and multi-monitor issues, poor benchmarks, display flickering, black unresponsive screen, abrupt reboots, and game crashing among others.
Considering that a vast number of users don't have an option to circumvent this update makes the situation even more worrisome. Microsoft isn't giving Windows 10 Home edition users the option to decide when and what updates they want. Neither are users shown the version number of the driver while they are updating via Windows Update.
Many users have expressed their concern over the 'automatic upgrades' in the past months. But Microsoft has repeatedly shot them down, and reassured that this is being done to keep everyone's computer patched with latest security updates.
But, its stand on automatic upgrades might not be the right way to go about it. As true in Nvidia's case, gamers could for a number of reasons - including maintaining consistent benchmarks, waiting for major releases, or having limited data availability - want to have the control over when they want to update their graphics card.
If Microsoft ever issues a half-baked update, or if its update doesn't sit in line with other vendors' drivers, it could affect a large number of users.