Saturday, February 28, 2015

Apple Opens Up 'iWork for iCloud' to Everyone, No Apple Device Required

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Apple's website has been updated to make its iWork suite of apps accessible to all users, even those without an Apple device. 

As of today, anyone can sign up for an Apple ID to access PagesNumbers, andKeynote for free. The software suite lets users create and edit text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from their browsers. Signing up for a free Apple ID account entitles users to 1GB of complimentary iCloud storage to be used with the apps for storing documents. 

Previously, access to Apple's iWork suite of apps was limited to users who owned an iOS device or a Mac, but with Apple's new web-only iCloud access, the company can draw new users to its platform and compete with more universal software offerings like Microsoft's Office Suite.'s-only apps can be accessed from recent versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Free accounts are limited to 1GB of storage and users will need an iOS device or Mac to acquire more storage or access iCloud's full set of features.

WhatsApp Making Voice Calling Feature Tests For Selected Users

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WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that was initially released in the year 2009. Now WhatsApp has proclaimed the most anticipated feature which is the Voice Calling feature to the app users. The feature can be accessed only through invitation. The feature cannot be accessed by latest version 2.11.508 Android users.
 WhatsApp Making Voice Calling Feature Tests For Selected Users
WhatsApp has stated that it is still testing the feature and will roll out to users soon. The new feature is available to consumers only when they get an invitation from the other users that are already availing this feature. Even though if you have downloaded the latest version of the app in your handset, to access this feature user should get invitation from others who are using this app. Users have to wait until other notified you about this app. A reddit user who is using Nexus 5 device has stated that new voice calling feature is running the latest Android Lollipop OS.
The reddit user has posted some screen shots showing the Calls tab with Contacts and Chats. Consumers who will receive the invitation for accessing the feature will be able to see the standard caller interface. Along with caller buttons you will also get options for speaker, messaging and mute. The admix interface is unique and fairly simple in style. It shows only name and WhatsApp image of the particular user you are calling.
WhatsApp Making Voice Calling Feature
Some of the users have stated that, they are not able to send invitation for other people. They have also stated that it works correctly only in India that too for the users who are having Lollipop 5.0.x version on Nexus 5 smartphone. This Voice Calling feature does not work for other Indian users who are having earlier combo.
WhatsApp has launched this feature to receive some user feedback before the main global app feature launch. The UI also seems to be pretty similar in design to the normal calling feature and this was also shown earlier in the screenshots.
More than 700 million users are using this WhatsApp and the company is also launching new features like the WhatsApp web which is accessible via the desktop web browser. WhatsApp is holding a competition with the other messaging apps like Viber and Hike, who are also offering voice calling feature. Voice calling functionality via the messaging apps has gained more popularity throughout the years and let’s wait and see if the WhatsApp can make a hit with its new voice calling feature.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


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Hello friends, Today I am going to tell you how to Automatically Forward Emails to another Emails Account.
Sometimes you want to back up your Email, when your Email has been wrongly deleted from your Inbox. At that time this forwarding services will help you more.  Here i am going to tell you step wise step procedure. Just follow these steps.
Step-1 Open Your Gmail Account. And Sign In your account.

Step-2 After Sign In Go to the Settings Icons and choose the Settings option from drop down menu. Hit Enter.

Step-3 After that search FORWARDING and POP/IMAP Option. and click. one Box Will Appear

Step-4 Select Forward a Copy of Incoming Mail to and enter your Email Address in the box.And Choose the Option from drop down menu. You just choose keep Gmail's Copy in the Inbox.

Step-5 After that you will get a Confirmation mail to your Email Id Which you have added From Gmail Team.
Step-6 Just Open your mail which you have given and click that confirmation mail in your browser. you will get a message that confirmation has been succeed. Now Go to your main Email Id. and Reload The page. Click Save Changes.

And You have done. when ever some one send to email to you. you will get that email to your both Email account's Inbox.
Thankx and Enjoy.

How To Set Up WiFi Hotspot In Windows 8 - Computer Tricks And Technology

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Hello Friends, Today I am going to show you how to create WiFi Hotspot in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.
When your router do not work, In that time this Article will help you. Suppose your is not working and you are unable to connect your mobile or tablet because of Router, then don't worry here is the solution. Just follows these steps its very easy.
Follows these Steps:
Step-1 Press "Windows+R" from your keyboard, One POP-Up Box will open. In That type"ncpa.cpl". And press Enter.

Step-2 When you press Enter One Window will open from that window choose "WiFi Option". Right Click And Select Properties.

Step-3 Go-to the Sharing Option. And Choose Allow other network users to  connect through this computer's Internet Connection.

Step-4 Now Go-to the left corner of your laptop to launch an "Administrative Command Prompt".

Step-5 Now you have to first set up your wireless  network, this is done by command. just type this command in command prompt as given bellow. 
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="virus " key="password"
where "ssid" is your network name and "key is your password you want user to connect with, and it is also mentioning that the access point is created with WPA2-PSK(AES) Encryption.

Step-6 Now  we are ready to Broadcast our network. Just type small code in command propmt which is given bellow.
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Step-7 To Show your network just type these code in command prompt.
netsh wlan show hostednetwok

Now you can use your laptop as router or you can connect your phone or tablet by using WiFi Hotspot.
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